CSA meeting Finland May 2015


Sunday 17.5.

  • Some of the international visitors arrive to Ylöjärvi
  • Dinner at Sini’s place organized together (costs shared between those attending)

Monday 18.5.

  • Working on the logitics report in Ylöjärvi
  • Lunch at Sini’s place organized together (costs shared between those attending)
  • Part of the group stayes at Koivupuisto (closest bus stop at Kuruntie: Salinsuontie, 2 km)

Tuesday 19.5.

9.25 Departure from Ylöjärvi
10.30-11.30 Visit at Farm Kurjen tila – Community village and biodynamic farm (Rautialantie 419, Vesilahti)

12-16.00 Programme with Ahlman:

12.00 Lunch at own expense at Kapusta
12.45 Getting to know the shop at the farm and Ahlman’s cheeses
13.15 REKO-circles in Tampere area (Toimela, Hallilantie 24, Tampere)
13.45 Examples of CSA in France, Germany and Belgium
14.30 Departure from Ahlman
15.00 Fröökynän Herkku (delicacies), Suojärvi Chocolate Farms’s and store (Hiitintie 1, ABC Teivo)
15.45 Departure
16.00 Grocery van at Asuntilan Kindergarten (Suolaniityntie 7, Ylöjärvi)

  • Dinner in Koivupuisto
  • Sauna at Sini’s place in Ylöjärvi

Wednesday 20.5.

7.43-8.25 Bus Salinsuotie-Tampere railway station
9.09-11.37 Train Tampere-Pännäinen (Bennäs)

ca 11.40 Presentation of the rural municipality Pedersöre (Stefan Svenfors)
ca 12.30 Pedersöre offers lunch at Polaris
ca 14.00 Visit to the farmer-owned slaughterhouse TAJMA 
ca 15.45 Check-in at hostel AfterEight
17.00-18.00 Guided tour at Aspegrens Trädgård, Rosenlund
ca 20.00 Self-organized dinner

Thursday 21.5

ca 8.00 Breakfast
ca 9.00 Producer visit (several options)
ca 11.30 lunch at own expense in Vegana, vegetarian place, with only an organic menu.
ca 13.00 Visit to host, Thomas Snellman, farm presentation and perhaps a visit to the forest.
ca 16.30 Visit to the vocational school Optima (optional)
ca 17.30 Participation at the REKO-delivery at Optima-parking
ca 19.30-22.00 Dinner and final discussion about REKO at the arctic museum Nanoq.
Including a short guided tour at the museum.

Friday 22.5.

6.13-10.30 Train from Bennäs-Pännäinen to Helsinki
11.00 Lunch at Perho (at own expense)
11.15 Jarmo Åke tells us about Perho cooperation with Urban Cooperative Farm and about Sustainable Gastronomy -studies
13.00 Getting to know Urban Cooperative Farm

  • Accommodation/trip back (everybody organizes themselves but we are glad to help)

Saturday and Sunday

Some international guests still in Helsinki and meetings can be organized for those interested – for example in the free entrance World Village Festival in the Helsinki city centre.


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